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Carbide Blast Joints, Inc. utilizes a 10,000 sq. ft., fully equipped facility located north of Houston, in Spring Texas.
Established in 1974, C-BJ sought an answer to eliminating failure in the long string of tubing, due to the blasting effect of gas and/or oil-produced sand/fines in the upper zone of a dual completion well.

Carbide is the difference. The patented feature of our blast joint is a unique continuous sheath of sintered tungsten carbide on the O.D. of the production tubing string, across from the upper zone perforations. After considerable developmental testing, it was found that the most effective method of placing the virtually indestructible sintered tungsten carbide around the area affected by blasting was the use of a series of one-inch long, pre-formed rings. These rings fit over the O.D. of the production tubing.

Flexibility. CBJ's carbide protection can be utilized in a tubing string featuring flush joint connections, (Slimline Carbide Blast Joint) non-upset, threaded and coupled connections (Coonie Connection Blast Joint), as well as Hydraulic Fracing, Steam and Fire-flooding operations. Essentially, CBJ carbide protection can be used anywhere API tubing is "run."

Carbide Blast Joints, Inc.
Plant: 21283 Foster Road
Spring, Tx 77388
P.O. Box 90126
Houston, Tx 77290
A subsidiary Multi-Metals- A division of Robert Bosch Tool Corporation


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